Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sleeping Lion !

A young lion,
Grew on his mother's lap,
But life stuck,
He was growing older every day.
He was surprised.

He had to hunt,
He hated it,
He learnt against his will,
For his survival,
From his Mother.

He became the greatest,
Defeated more than many,
Conquered territories,
He had honor and valor,
He hated it still.

He was getting older,
Had to settle,
Stop killing but for survival,
A question on his survival,
Asked God.

He stopped the slaughter,
Went hungry,
It was his will,
God never answered,
He was still honored and had the valor.

He was hungry, 
Learnt to live with hunger,
He was walking tall on his territory,
Adoring his fake conquer,
He loves the smell of nature.

He slept, 
He is not hungry anymore,
He is calm and still sleeping,
He still can conquer,
Do not wake him up,
As he is the sleeping lion. . .