Sunday, September 22, 2013

Personifying Life

Time, is what we live by. Ever thought, why do we count our life with time ? Why not count our life by the experiences we had ? Why not count our life with the friends we have ? Why not count our life with our achievements or failures ? Why not state the pleasures in our life as a unit of our life ? Why do we count our life with years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds ? Ever imagined ?

I have realized that with every passing second, I am growing older, and the amount of life I am living will not depend on the time I spent on this planet, but will depend on the way I did spend my each passing moment. My life will depend on the experiences I went through. But then too, I will count the number of years I did spend on earth as a parameter to measure life.

Hence there are two ways you can count life. Firstly is of course by the number of seconds you are alive. Second, the experiences in my life. Both of the units used for measuring my life are equally important. I may live 100 years, with zero experiences. I may live a moment more with a lot of experiences. In either cases, the calculation to express the amplitude of my life will have both the units involved.

We as human beings tend to balance both the units. We are unaware of numbers which we will be able to gather for both the units before the end of our life's. Hence we try to gather good numbers for both the units !!! Greedy Human Beings !!!

I think that there is a very big difference between "LONG LIFE" and "GOOD LIFE". Neither do they mean the same, nor are they interdependent. Hence when somebody wishes you "Have a good life", he may not be wishing a "Long Life" for you. Similarly, the wishes of "Long life", does not imply the wishes to have a "Good Life". Play tactfully. All you can do is get "Good life" wishes from one person, while try and get "Long Life" wishes from another.

Don't you worry, whatever you get as a wish, it will be in your favor, as you increase at least one of the units of counting your life. You can always be good to everybody and get more wishes. Having said that, I will always ask everybody to do what you like, irrespective of the forth comings. you can always collect much more experiences, and you increase at least one unit count.

I do not want to scare anybody with my statement, but yes, we have a short life both in respect of time and the experiences. Lets try and get gather both, TIME and EXPERIENCES.

Lets Rise !
Learn - Innovate - Inspire
God Bless...

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Something within me

There is this "something within me" which is always inside. No matter whatever I do, whatever I think, wherever I may be, this constant thing is constantly creeping inside my head. I know its nature, but it surprises me of its stubbornness. Neither it harms, nor it pains, but it forces me to think.

We might have had good days, but now they are all gone. It does not matter to anybody, neither it should. But it does matter to me, as I was a part. Now.... now what ? A big question. I don't know the answer. I am not asking the answer, but yes I am. Was all that a matrix ? No... it can't be a matrix. It seemed so real. I never imagined that I would be taken away by such a wind. And even when I was taken (considering the human in me), why am I not able to come back and recover. I have to get a answer. I made many mistakes, but what was the actual reason ? I must get a answer. I know, that I am not getting back to those times, but I need a answer. A answer that will be either given, or passed, or told, by me or the beholder. There are questions, which I cannot ask. Neither I have any answers, nor anybody else can answer those for me. I have to find the answers. But where is the source to the answers. Again a question. Well ! Back to square one. Thinking still !

This large black hole within my head, which stays forever, and takes away all the energy, time, resources and peace out of me. Can't do much about it. May be I have to wait to get all my answers, and till then...

Another day, another time, but the same riddle. 

I never knew that somebody could be so within me.

It is July 2, 2013, 21:19 (IST), and I have to live with it.

God Bless...

Thursday, May 16, 2013

You are Rude !

I am in middle of living. I am doing things, which I have not done ever before. And to my surprise, the world is also coming back to me the way, it has never before. I am doing no great stuff ! Just trying to implement an idea and show it to the world.

I have been told by Navdeep that I am "rude by default". And to my surprise ! he might be very true. He was very plain and simple when he told this to me over a skype chat message. I respect him a lot and regards to him that he told me this. He mentioned it very clearly, that I have never been rude to him, but to others. I don't know, whom he is talking about. I don't know the context of the message he gave. He also asked me to relax and calm down. Again, why is he asking me to calm down ? I have no clue, why suddenly he said that.

All I can make out is, that he might have got this message from somebody else. If you are the person who said that "I am RUDE" to Navdeep, then read below. If you are not the one, then the lines below are not meant for you.

To all those, to whom I have been rude :

If you think that I am rude, then yes, I am rude. I am sounding rude to you because you have created a dreamland around yourself and you think that everybody whom you talk to should respect you even when you are not worth it. There should be metal in you to get some respect. Get real  and gain respect. Don't beg for it. If you think that you have done many great things in life, then see others, who have done better than you. You are a looser. And yes, I can say it very loudly. YOU ARE A LOOSER ! First do something, that people talk to you with respect. Don' show the number of friends on Facebook and then call for respect.

If you are not worthy of anything, then people will not talk to you, not even look at you. You shall be a complete invisible element on this planet and that is what you are worth of. You are not great, not even trying to do things that make you great. And then you beg for respect and when you don't get it from a person, whom you should not be talking to, you say that he is RUDE ! You are one of the blessed creatures, on this planet who is not taken away by God, for being so disgraceful to humanity, and to me. So shameful of your act, that you can't even say it on my face. Say it on my face that I am rude. If you have anything left within yourself, and if you have some self-respect left, then beg God for the mistake you have committed.

Stop taking the world for granted and get to reality. People are of kind they should be, not the way you want them to be. If everybody, becomes like  you then this planet will become a trash and you again shall be the first one to complain it back, to the person you talk to ! Hence, stop saying that I am rude, and look at the grounds on which you said it. You might be rude yourself to even think about it.

I wish good for you, and hope that God continues to show his mercy on you, so that you don't get more people like me to talk. People who dare to show you the reality of your life. WORTHLESS !


Sunday, February 24, 2013

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sleeping Lion !

A young lion,
Grew on his mother's lap,
But life stuck,
He was growing older every day.
He was surprised.

He had to hunt,
He hated it,
He learnt against his will,
For his survival,
From his Mother.

He became the greatest,
Defeated more than many,
Conquered territories,
He had honor and valor,
He hated it still.

He was getting older,
Had to settle,
Stop killing but for survival,
A question on his survival,
Asked God.

He stopped the slaughter,
Went hungry,
It was his will,
God never answered,
He was still honored and had the valor.

He was hungry, 
Learnt to live with hunger,
He was walking tall on his territory,
Adoring his fake conquer,
He loves the smell of nature.

He slept, 
He is not hungry anymore,
He is calm and still sleeping,
He still can conquer,
Do not wake him up,
As he is the sleeping lion. . .

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Jargon of Life 25

"Don't live, if you cannot try to get your paradise !"

Lets accept it, that all of us carry many dreams, but only few have the courage to acknowledge the hardships which are bound to come in turning the dream into reality. Even if we start acknowledging the tough time, it needs a lot, a lot to face the tough days, which we were often talking about. Once started, you can feel the heat and it gets tougher until you touch base with your own satisfaction level.

+Navdeep Sharma and I, both acknowledged the tough time, we are going to face. Both of us knew that its only we who can do it. I am talking about the time of development time of +EDHOOT. We discussed, worked, discussed again and coded again. We do it still and we enjoy working together on the same idea. We try to implement it all, whatever we know. This gives us the urge to learn more everyday, as neither he nor I are satisfied with whatever little we have. We want to incorporate it all. I know, it sounds foolish and stupid, but believe me, you start from little and then keep on making it better day by day. There will come a day, when you will feel the need of more and then you will be bound to look for new opportunities, and believe me you will enjoy the learning phase. Every time you want to do add something into your life or anything else else where, you will need time and courage to face it all.

We want to gear up the development now. We want to speed it up. We know that we will be able to do it. We have already talked about the tough time, the way we did earlier. We both are tougher both physically and mentally than before, and we don't talk about the result. We just do it and give it a try.

Its February 18, 2013, 1005 hours and I am not satisfied !

GOD BLESS . . . 

Friday, February 15, 2013

He and She 0

Hello and Welcome,

Its a story. A story about a boy, whose name 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jargon Of Life 24

"What went wrong ?"

I am sitting in my room and thinking about the past ! Yes exactly, I am thinking about "the past". I have heard it quite often that we must not think about the past or regret about it. But on the contrary, it has been said that we must learn from the mistakes of past. how can these be true at the same time ? Do you keep the experiences alive for many days, so that you can count on them after ? How do you learn from your experiences, when you don't have the capability of going in the past and recalculating your faults ?

I am not regretting over my past. I am super surprised over my foolishness ! Or am I being stupid right now ? I am asking a question to myself. I don't have a answer. Its rightly said that, some questions are better unanswered ! Its true that something went wrong, but what exactly went wrong ? I don't know ! I am not frustrated about my confused state, because I know that its all my fault.

One must be ready to look into the past and accept the mistakes that he / she committed and this makes a better person out of us. When you are trying to find a answer and you are not able to get it, then look back and analyze. There is definitely something which were not true about and all went wrong and the way you really did not wanted. Its true that we learn from experiences. But what if the experience was once in a life time and you failed in it. You committed the gravest mistake of your life, during the once in a lifetime experience. Now what will you do ? Of course, you cannot let it go. you can never let it go. If you are letting it go, then let me tell you that it was once in a lifetime experience and you cannot revert the experience back. The bottom line is that you cannot bring back the time which is gone. And as I said that it was once in a lifetime, then it does mean that it will never happen to you again, do whatsoever.

In this case, you can do nothing by looking in the past and trying to calculate the damage done by mistake you committed. But then too, you will be forced by the mother nature to look back and put your head into it.

Its February 07, 2013, 1554 hours and I decide to commit the biggest mistake of my life, so that it may take over the mistake I committed during the once in a lifetime experience.


Monday, February 4, 2013

Jargon Of Life 23

"A question ?"

"Which subject do you want to opt in school for further studies ?", "Which color shirt do you want to buy for the festival ?", "What job do you want to do ?", "Are you satisfied by the job ?", "Who cares for you ?", "Do you really want this ?" and tons of other such simple and time wasting questions come to my head every now and then. I rarely get the answer to any, but the harder I try to dig into a question, harder is it for me to come close to a answer. I have realized that it is very important for me to ask these stupid and wasteful questions from myself.

These question seem to be simple but they carry a greater value with them. Generally they tend to question the scenario and check the courage and wisdom, I am into. They help me a lot in making decisions. Small questions like these, help me ask myself one big question and that big question is "WHY ARE YOU HERE ?" I might not get the direct answer to many of these questions, but they bring me to a point, when I am more confident and have a path to wander on. Seriously, I waste a lot of time, finding answers to just any question. weird questions, but important answers !

Its February, 05, 2013, 1232 hours and I am trying to find the answer to "Why are you so lazy ?"


Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jargon Of Life 22

"Life is ... Life."

Few days back, I heard my friend saying "life is a struggle !". he gave many reasons supporting his thought and he did to a certain extent, convinced everybody in the group ! Life is compared to many by many. But we fail to understand the real need and extent of comparison. Are we really trying to compare our "LIFE", with our own surroundings which is a boon of life ! Its just like comparing a bicycle with a Boeing airplane.

"Life is a gamble", "Life is a game", "Life is a race", "Life is a business", "Life is a journey", etc ... You can add as many comparisons as you want and make it as your own copyright. I don't really understand the comparison. do we just do it for the sake of glory or for the sake of motivation ? Whatever may be the reason of comparison, but to me its worthless.

Whatever little experience I have, I don't find any of the comparisons suiting the best when made against "LIFE". The comparison made by a person totally depends upon the background and the kind of experience he has had with "LIFE". We tend to forget, that we are trying to compare the reason behind everything with the consequences of the reason itself.

Its February 04, 2013, 1321 hours and "Life is incomparable".


Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jargon Of Life 21

"Why are we here ? "

Day before yesterday, I was reading a post on Google + from somebody ( I would not disclose the name ) and it was regarding his resolution. He took a resolution of not taking a resolution this year. He was simple in his words and wrote : "I go without resolution to fulfill my resolution". There was not a story, no picture or no cat ( cat seems to be most discussed over Google +, and I am not able to guess the reason behind it ), no video or no explanation. The post was plain and simple and straight to the point of taking no resolutions throughout this year.

I am pretty much moved by the post. Few days back it was new year and everyone seemed like taking resolutions for 2013. Few people don't take resolutions as they don't have the gut to live by them and go reach the extreme to get the contended feeling of accomplishment of at least something ( if not big enough ). Few people take resolution, because of peer pressure and these people are found making same resolutions every year ! Rest are found struggling their way with life to get the dreams done.

It is January 24, 2013, 1635 hours IST and I resolute to get the answer to the question : "why are we here ?".


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jargon Of Life 20

"Run with time"

Many a times you land into a situation, when your opponent is time. What do we do ? Do we just scare ourselves and run away ? Do we shatter our dreams and then try to console ourselves ? Do we regret the situation and the condition and then blame somebody (not necessarily us), for the trouble we are in ? Do we stand against all odds and then say to ourselves "Lets go !" ?

I think that when time was made by somebody, then he / she had a futuristic approach. Almost everything can be measured with time. It gives you the most accurate results. It gives the most detailed explanation of a situation along with the person caught in the same.

Recently I have been caught up in a situation of competing with time. I am feeling the need of more time, but I know that it is not possible. Its not only me, who is feeling the need of more time, its +Navdeep Sharma , too who is feeling the same. We have made a very hard decision for the growth of +EDHOOT , and we are dedicated towards it. We are making changes at many levels. For all the mentioned and not mentioned details of the work we have to do, we need time.

Its January 21, 2012, 1241 hours and +Navdeep Sharma  and me decide to run with time, as we cannot run faster than time.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jargon Of Life 19

"Learn from mistakes, not necessarily yours.".

History has always proved itself the best of teachers. We are social elements and we always learn the best from our own mistakes. But to me, its always surprising ! I never learn form my experiences. I rather want to commit the mistake again and check again for a chance of overcoming the failure. Its very much probable that I follow the same procedure and follow the same path or may be some addition. But I am not totally dependent on the failure that occurred last with me. I am very much prone of committing mistakes, my way!

I have often heard people saying "It happened to him , so you will also face the same", "He has faced it and you will also do the same" and many other judgmental statements. I don't agree to these kind of statements at all, but want to jump into the pool of troubles. Its not like creates troubles for myself, but many a times you know what is going to happen and you can easily see the hard time coming for you.

On the contrary, I might not jump to doing things just because the person whom I believe, failed following that step. See, its all faith. If I believe a person, then the mistakes done by him might not be committed by me. But if you know that a person is not your standards, then you want to commit your own mistakes or create troubles for yourself, your own way.

Its January 19, 2013 1532 hours and I learn from the mistakes committed by others.


Jargon Of Life 18

"Is contentment is the key to success ?"

Many top shots (eg :- Bill Gates) present on this planet seem like very contended in what they have and what they do. But, to me contentment is a fish which I cannot fish ! Seriously ! I don't yet understand what is contentment. Is it the feeling where you stop trying for anything bigger than what you have achieved ? Or is it the thought of laziness ?

Contentment can also be thought of as a feeling where you are happy to achieve something and you are targeting for bigger goals. But this is not contentment, its a kind of futuristic approach. Where is the person contented ? Might be you have to carry two feelings at the same time, where you have to be contended for what you have achieved and equally futuristic to achieve the next target.

To me, its very hard. I become very lazy when I am contended. It seems funny, but it is how it is ! I relax and then I want to relax a bit more and then a little more and then for some more time and then it becomes a long never ending process of laziness. Iy does not mean that I am contended over something, its just that I was relaxed (yes you can call it as a kind of contentment) over something and then it grew up to a never ending chain of processes, which involves sleeping, eating, sleeping again and then eating again.

Its really great to see top shots of this world maintaining their vigor to work for more along with their contentment and they don't let laziness creep in their routines. May be that's why they are so very big, as they can handle a lot at the same time. May be that's why success comes to such people (who are worthy enough to carry for a long time).

Its January 19, 2013, 1443 hours and I am not contended.

GOD BLESS  . . .

Friday, January 4, 2013

Jargon Of Life 17

"Its a sadistic pleasure which keeps me happy !"

Its a very strange feeling to be in. Its a kind of feeling, its a moment of joy, its a moment of sadness, its the thought of my existence in this world, its a lot more that I can explain, when I am neither happy, nor I want to be happy. I don't know where it comes from, when does it start, what is the reason behind it, what it may lead me into or why it happens to me, but I don't try to come out of it. I don't do anything to get this feeling nor I do anything great to get out of it.

I think that when we try to achieve something and we don't get it, then we are not left with any feelings to express. Many a times we may achieve what we wanted, then too, we get into this mode of sadistic pleasure. When we utilize most our energy to achieve something, then it really does not matter whether you achieve that or not. There are two conditions which arise after you have put in your toe, elbow and head to achieve something. The two conditions are that either you achieve it, or you don't achieve it.

If you achieve it, then well and good. Its okay, because that is what you were working for and that is what you thought when you started to work for it. You knew that it is going to happen to you, so you tend to get into a mode when you are happy for what you have achieved, but also sad as to why you did not make a bigger goal than what you have achieved. There are many reasons to be not so happy about it, but only one reason to be happy for it.

If you don't achieve it, then there is no need to be happy, because you tried and you didn't get it. So now, either you are completely broken and set even higher goals for yourself or you are completely broken and make a decision of not to try again in your whole life. Even if you do try again then you have enough explanations to explain yourself of not to try something like that again. In any case you will never get what you will want. Hence you tend to be not so sad about your failure, because you have somehow convinced yourself that you will never try again.

Its January 5, 2013, 0239 hours and its a sadistic pleasure which is pushing me to go a extra mile.


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jargon Of Life 16

"We all are responsible for the world we create."

Its been said by many, that we take birth in form of human only once. When we all know that, then why do we waste our life in hatred and negativity ? We all are responsible for the kind of world around us. This planet remains neutral to us. We are the ones who must be held responsible for all the good and the evil. We form our own society. When we are busy cursing the crowd, we must remember that we ourselves are the part of the crowd.

With good wishes to all, I ask you all to get in action for a better life everyday. We have to work together, and thus we must work in collaboration. We are social animals and we cannot exist as "I", we have to be present as "WE".

Let us avoid negative, arrogant and noisy people
Let us unite, positive, modest and wise people
Let us help as much as we can all those in need
May there be freedom for men, women, children and animals
May there be a fair share of knowledge and welfare
May we respect all those who are different from us
May we all refuse to send our children to silly wars
May we quietly, non-violently and wisely act
May we open our hearts, spread and be guided by love
May we succeed to keep our dignity in all circumstances
May we stop producing stuff that affects our health
May we learn how to cure diseases and relieve the pain
May we demand and elect governments based on this values

Its January 03, 2013, 1232 hours and I take the responsibility of spreading the good word on this planet.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jargon Of Life 15

Happy new year 2013.

"Time flies by very quickly, hence when are you filing up your to do list for this year ?"

We enter into this new year with new hopes and dreams. We all know that its time to work even harder. A new year is not only the advent of  another calendar date, but many hopes and dreams are linked to it. A new year is welcomed with many celebrations. Many make resolutions this year. Many make decisions. All celebrate and welcome this year.

2012 is gone, and we paid a tribute to it buy living it large on its last day. Its quite interesting to see people enjoying to the core, and welcoming 2013. I don't know whether all the resolutions of these many were fulfilled ? Were they able to make it the way they wanted ? If yes, then it is hats off to them. They must rejoice and are liberated to live this day, as they are the ones who will set new goals and resolutions for themselves and thus the society will benefit from them. But the people who were not able to achieve the target within the set period of time, should not be the part of the gala event (According to me).

Well, this new year brings in a lot of hope within me. I have not done anything great till now, but with Edhoot, I am trying to make the world understand its concept and the future it beholds within itself. I am enjoying the first day of the year and am all set to work harder with Edhoot.

Its January, 1st, 2013, 2255 hours and its almost the end of the first day of 2013, and I don't have my resolutions set. Its so embarrassing !


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jargon Of Life 14

Hello World,

"Mistakes are done often, and rarely improvised, makes the situation worst".

Its winters and the most chilliest days of the year have started to show there true colors. No sunshine, dark and foggy mornings and fire smokes on the road sides are the signs of winters catching the city. Not many could be found on streets or markets after 2000 hours. People are found to be heavily covered, from toe to head ! Its India, so many poor people could be seen sweating their day for a meal or money. They are true warriors ! Most people prefer to be inside there houses and those who are outside in this chilly weather have a very strong reason to come outside !

I don't have any issues with the chilly temperature, but the biggest disadvantage it brings to me is the morning alarm. My workplace is three hours from my home. I have to reach the workplace by 0845 hours and I always struggle to get up in the morning. I always shut the alarm clock, so that it does not ring backs again. See, I am completely awake when I do that, but there is no will to get up and my laziness, overcomes my courage to rise up from my blanket. I always find myself in a very funny situation, running towards the metro station, trying to save 30 seconds, so that I can save a couple of minutes and who knows that I reach on time.

Since I have shifted to this new place, I do not find myself in comfortable situation during morning ! The strange part is that I do the same every morning. Every night I sleep, thinking that I will get up a bit early, to save myself from early morning running. But to my surprise, I am too very much comfortable in my blanket and try to be inside it for only a minute or two. And these couple of minutes cost me to get late by only two minutes everyday. I reach my workplace at 0847 hours and I regret my decision of getting inside the blanket every morning as soon as I rise up. It irritates me every morning, but now I am finding it very funny ! I don't know whether I will be able to reach my workplace on or before 0845 hours tomorrow.

Its December 30, 2012, 1931 hours and I will get up on time tomorrow.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jargon Of Life 13

"We waste what is most important to conserve, our energy"

I wanted to write a lot today, sat down many a times, but could not find the right state of mind to do so. Many thoughts were coming into my head. I wanted to write about many things, but was not able to gather myself. May be there is something which is disturbing me. Actually not many hours ago, today in the morning, a very pathetic news came to me.

An uncle of mine has mouth cancer and he is being shifted to Mumbai for the treatment. The girl who was gang raped my 6 men in the bus, died due to multiple organ failure. Both the incidents happened today. I will not comment on either of them. Both of above news have shocked me. I don't want to hear about them anymore. May be its due to these news, that I have so many thoughts, but can't express the flow of these thoughts.

I am numb. I don't want to express my feelings or thoughts over any of the above matters. I finally am deciding not to comment over the government or family members for few days. I decide not to be a part of any discussions, which are political in nature or lead to the politics and corruption of this country. I decide to be quiet for some time. I don't want to listen to anything for some time. I don't want to speak much for some time. I want to be numb for some time. I want to remain in the current state. I am enjoying it !

Its December, 29, 2012, 2359 hours and I am happy.


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jargon Of Life 12

"We are humans, and we have evolved".

Human race is expected to live the longest and survive for the longest time. Before humans many living beings came on this planet, like Mammoths, Dinosaurs, Cockroaches and I don't know the list. There was a common feature amongst all. They call killed each other for food.

Humans learned this at an very early stage and they stopped killing each other. They started to survive on resources, other than humans ! According to many scientists, we have not lived for long. But we must live longer than any other living species (like Mammoths, Dinosaurs), because we don't kill each other out of hunger. Rather we kill each other out of hatred and enmity.

We are the most intelligent species that has come into existence. But, are we going to survive longer than any other species that were ever present ? We have started to hate each other, fight each other and are jealous of each other.

I agree that this hatred is not present everywhere, but I am talking the parts of the world, where people hate each other. They cannot bear the increasing standards of living  of their neighbors. My question is, when everybody present on this planet agrees that we must be social and work in collaboration for a better and secure world, then why do we ever need to fight.

Its December 28, 2012, 1259 hours and I cannot understand this behavior of people around me.


Jargon Of Life 11

"Time is a tool".

I have been given very few time on Earth. I want to utilize this time. I don't want to regret the loss of time. Time is something, I don't have and I am losing it, even when I am writing this blog post. I don't know, who invented time. But whomsoever did it, was the greatest inventor of all times.

With time, we can put all the beings on a common platform and judge the performance, relative to each other. Time gives us the motivation to live more, time brings discipline in our life. Time is a common calculator, used by all present on this planet. I think that God also, uses Time to measure the person when he reaches Heaven ! Time is important to everybody present around me. Its surprising how time flies by !

We are mortals, that means, for us, Time is limited for all of us. The biggest irony with us is that we don't know the exact time left with us. We can only guess the time left with us. So, I always believe in my gut. I ask myself for the time left with me and the answer which I get is just surprising. I shall not disclose the answer here, as I don't get the same answer all the time, and you guys may think me to be stupid and foolish !

Since childhood, I have always heard many stories and speeches over the importance of time. I never understood the reason and necessity of telling me the importance of time by my elders. But now, I do understand the reason and the necessity. When I look ahead in my life, I find "THERE IS NO TIME LEFT". Every work has to be accurate and I have to be efficient to mach myself with the running time.

Its December 27, 2012, 1542 hours and I don't know how to gain time. Ideas and suggestions on gaining time (not saving time) are most welcome.


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jargon Of Life 10

"Is it really the survival of the fittest ?"

Since childhood I have heard the line "Survival of the fittest" many a times. It can still be found on many TV shows, advertisements, social networking websites and many more. I can still find many of my freinds saying "Survival of the fittest", one or the other time. And to my survive, even I say it as a bragging line to many, without even noticing !

When given a more decent thought, it turns out to be a more sensible line. If understood correctly this one line might lead humanity to work all for its own good and turn the world into a race track, where everybody is trying to win over the other.

Hats off to the inventor of this one liner ! He might have fought a lot and won over many to say this. Referring men from history, we can find many examples, where in they gave away all that was with them, to survive. The world has witnessed many examples within humanity, when all all the people, only the brave survived. Not to forget The Alexander. He won battles which were impossible to win. He leaped mountains and oceans, which were never been crossed before.

Actually this one liner, makes more sense, when referred to the battle field, jungle or the place where everybody is trying to kill each other. But to the contrary, we are civilians and we don't intend for this kind of behavior. We are peace loving mammals !

Its December, 26th, 2012, 1215 hours and I agree that its the survival of the fittest, and I am on a battle ground !


Monday, December 24, 2012

Jargon Of Life 9

"Festivals remind us of the presence of God".

I am not an atheist, neither I pray too much. I don't go to God for the good or bad happening to me. Neither I celebrate with God, nor I regret in front of God. Still many incidents in my life have led me to remember the supreme power which beholds everything. The dictionary meaning of an Atheist is "a person who disagrees or disbelieves the supreme power or powers". You may call me an Atheist, because you might never find me praying or remembering God, but certainly I do believe in the supreme power. I have no logic to defend myself.

Almost all the festivals of the world, carry a message of either a victory of good over evil, or the birth of the holy spirit. All these festivals do make me realize that there must have been something that led the people of those times to declare the moment to be holy enough and to celebrate it as a festival. We might be too extreme to celebrate the festival's moment of joy. But all is supposed to be good when it is the name of holy. I will not comment much over here, as I am nobody to do so.

Christmas or X-mas marks the birth of the Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the savior of the mankind and is the son of God, who came to Earth to take away all the evil from this planet. Even humanity could not accept the good he was doing to us and they killed him physically. However his soul remained on Earth and I can feel his presence. Yes, I can feel his presence. I cannot explain how but yes, he walks with me, guides me, directs me, saves me, blesses me, talks to me, laughs with me, explains me and he is present with me all the times.

Its December 25th, 2012, 0913 hours and I am highly obliged to have Jesus Christ with me in all my actions. Thank you Jesus for being with me and tolerating me for so long. I know that I am not perfect, but I promise you that I will try harder to become one. With the will of having Jesus in your life too, I wish you all a merry Christmas.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Jargon Of Life 8

"Be consistent to make it large".

Life is the most wonderful gift to us. We can do so much with our life. We can make it large. We can experiment and not many will question us. We can drain our life doing useless stuff. We can totally waste our life, and might be few people may ask us some questions !

Whatever we do with our life, defines us ! Our acts portray us in front of the world. Our habits becomes our characteristics for others. But whatever we do, we should be consistent. It hardly matters, whether it is wrong or right. Wrong and right have always been relative terms. A right for me, may be wrong to you and vice versa. There is a very less probability that both of us, settles down with the same thought process.

In such a relative world, it is very important to maintain our unique identity. To do that, we must be consistent in whatever we do. It may be wrong or right.

Even when you are doing a mistake, be consistent in making your mistake so big that the world gives a second thought over your mistake and then the mistake belongs to you. On the contrary, if you are doing something very great, be consistent to make it large. This world may not be very good to you, so reach the world and shout back on it, but remember that this world will only listen, and respect you when you are consistent in your shouting back.

Be consistent with the work that you are doing. If you are trying to put some extra efforts in your work, put them in a consistent way. You will definitely see the difference in you and the work you were busy with. Consistency comes with faith and it is very important to have faith in yourself.

Its December 24th, 2012, 0915 hours and I am trying to be consistent with my life !


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jargon Of Life 7

Do we need to save the best for the best ?

Whenever I ask myself about the best, I always get confused. I don't know what is "best"! Have I already witnessed the best, or is it yet to come ? Is the current moment the best moment ? Or am I running for searching the best time of my life ?

If I have already witnessed the best time, then I never felt anything best about that moment. If I have not witnessed it yet, then how will I come to know that I am running with the best of times. How does it feel to be in the best of times. What to do to get the best of times ? Do I need to work harder for it? I think that we always have the scope of witnessing the best of times. Even if somebody has already gone through the best of his times, then it should become better and he should work for witnessing even better. Hence, like this he always witness the best of times !

And what if the current moment is the best moment ? The best moment should be the current moment, and one should always try harder for the better times than the current best time. We tend to waste a lot of time thinking about the future, but tend to waste today's time, which is of course the best time. We are too lazy to take a step today and are always ready to taste the sweetness of success. When you acheive the best of times after a lot of hard work, then you really don't feel overjoyed, rather you fell contended, because you knew that, the best of time, which you are actually witnessing right now was ought to come to you. And you knew it, because you were working exceptionally hard. There are many who try hard to get the best time of their life. You have to work exceptionally hard to get your best of times.

It is December 23, 2012, 1141 hours and I am still confused in my head thinking and planning for the best. But I will stop thinking about the best, and continue to seed my work for a better future.


Jargon Of Life 6

"Faith is the only friend of humanity."

Its our faith on God, on another human, on yourself , on a product or on a idea which is keeping us alive and moving. However cruel a person may become, he always have faith on something or the other. Its very crucial to have faith in something.

I think that nobody can exist on this planet without faith. It does not matter, on what you have faith. You can have faith on God, on your parents, on your friend, on your computer, on your bed, on your footwear or may be on the pen you carry. It does not depend on what you have faith, but its important to have one. Without faith we shall become zombies. Faith helps us to improve our life and our surroundings. Faith is the starting point of every relation or a bond.

People of the country are bounded by faith on each other, faith on the government, faith on other countries and faith on other civilizations. It has been witnessed by history, that whenever people lost faith over each other, situation became chaotic and worst. Very few examples, for which I don't have to refer any wiki are the World Wars. It was the time when people lost faith on each other. I am glad that I was not present during the world wars ! I pray for all the souls who suffered.

We can expect a better world, if we can build more faith on each other. We can dream of a better future with faith in all that we do. We can improve our life, with faith in what we do. If we have faith, we are bound to do it right and work hard for it.

Its December, 22, 2012, 1500 hours and I have faith on the current moment, hence I gather strength and courage in me for doing everything correct at this moment.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jargon Of Life 5

"Time is very important, and so is life. It is very important to manage life with time, or time with life."

Nobody can win over time, but of course, we can move with time, to be in pace with the world. It always amazes me as to how, we are moving ahead, every moment. The smallest standard unit of time is second, and if we calculate, we have moved ahead. We are continuously in motion every second. Time flies by and so do lives.

Some achieve great milestones during the time of there life, while others don't. Time remains constant. The only constant thing that always changes. It is amazing to see people of almost every culture and land, keeping the track of time.

I always think that running with time is very hard. Of course you cannot win over time, but running with it, also becomes quite impossible sometimes.

People who are able to run with time for a longer duration, achieve more in there life. The ones who are not able to take time into account, lose the race of life and may be referred to as losers by there peers.

It is not important, whether you were a loser in the past or not. Time is very generous. Whenever you start taking time into account, you actually start defeating many people per second. Then comes a time in you life, when you have defeated almost all the people in the world and you are called a winner of life.

So, if time is so very immportant, why is it that we become lazy and start to lose time. Might be I am too lazy to even think about that. It is December 21, 2012, 13:20 hours and I am trying hard to cope up wioth time. Hope others are able to run with time, so that we can expect of a better future.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jargon Of Life 4

Destiny is not defined, and if it is not defined, then why not give it our own definition !

We always try hard to complete an uncompleted task, we try even harder to accomplish something, we try the hardest to live the way we want. When our destiny is written, then why do we have to try. Many people crib about there destiny while others are found to boast of a great destiny. The people who are some point in time are boasting of there destiny, are the ones who crib on their destiny, sooner or later.

When it has been proved that hard work has no substitution, then why are we so dependent upon destiny ? Why do we blame or praise destiny ? Why don't we blame or praise ourselves ? I have not got an answer to these questions ?

It might be possible that destiny also plays an important role in our life. And even if it does, then is there a way to change it ? If it can be changed through hard work, then why not put in all our strength in the work that we are doing without considering destiny to be a factor of success or failure. If in case destiny can't be changed, then why to even try. Let it all go as the destiny has decided !

Well, the biggest problem is that we don't know what is in for us in the destiny, and that's why we try hard, harder or the hardest to give it a shot ! Because, when we work, we don't think about destiny. When something goes the way we want, we start praising ourselves and our efforts, but when the contrary happens, then we start blaming the destiny in some or the other way. Rather we should look into the cause of the failure and try to find the solution for it. We should seek for the reason of the failure and then try not to commit the same again.

Its December 19th, 2012, 2242 hours and I am still confused over my destiny. I think that destiny and hard work are two faces of the same coin. Either you praise your hard work or blame the destiny. But you cannot do both at the same time. Without giving it a thought more, I decide to put all my efforts towards learning new things. I will try hard to complete the incomplete tasks, try harder to accomplish what is in my head and try the hardest to live.

Edhoot has given me a new parameter of thinking and I am happy to meet the new challenges. I am all determined to face the challenges and find the appropriate solution for them.


Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jargon Of Life 3

I have always believed that nothing is impossible, and I want to live the whole life with this belief !

I am putting in efforts towards the development of Edhoot in many ways. I have tons of ideas in my head. Implementing them is not that difficult, but it seems to be like a race with time. I am enjoying my life. I have no regrets, rather I am learning many things. Not only the technical part but also the worldly affairs.

I have always believed that there is always a scope of learning in your life. One can always learn. Learn anything, and one day you will find yourself to be amongst the very few, who have quite some knowledge about everything. These people are dangerous to interact with. They have harder expectations from the world than the common man. They expect the world to respond the way they do.

I am really blessed to be born with all the human capabilities, and all seem to be working  fine as of now. While my journey back home, I saw a girl on a wheel-chair. It was a electronic wheel-chair. I think that she had some physical disability, because nobody would like to travel in an overcrowded metro rail on a electronic wheel-chair. She had her headphones, and might be she was listening to songs ! I was standing a couple of meters away from her in the metro rail. She was brave enough to take a ride in the metro in the most busiest hours of the day.

When I say "overcrowded", I believe that, we "Indians", have a different definition of over-crowded. I live on the densest populated country of the world and am very well aware of the term "over-crowded". Believe me, you would not like to be a part of that crowd. Unknowingly, people push you, scratch you, rest there hands on your shoulders, stick to you, sneeze on your face ,talk directly in your ear and you cannot blame them, because there is no space to move a limb. It means that if your mobile kept in your trousers pocket, is ringing during such a crowded metro rail journey, you wont be able to answer it, because you wont be able to reach your mobile, which is kept in the pocket of your trousers ! Its very crowded !

Despite of such rush and crowd, she was confidently traveling on a wheel-chair, taking a metro ride. Its really surprising to me that there are so many brave people present on this planet. We need to have our eyes open and we can certainly find many such people. She has motivated me a lot. She has motivated me to work even harder. She has motivated me to think simpler. She has made me belief "Nothing is impossible". I am over whelmed by the courage of that disabled girl. Traveling through metro rail during the busiest hours is like going on a war to me. I think that I need to change my mindset and take it simpler.

Today is December 19, 2012, 1015 hours and I am all set for the new day. I am planning more towards the betterment of the Edhoot.


Monday, December 17, 2012

Jargon Of Life 2

When I wrote my last post, I was in the process of developing the functions for the product, which I had in my head. It was October 16th, 2012 when +Navdeep Sharma , came to Delhi. I had already discussed this idea a month back (It was July 10th, 2012), and he was very excited to work on the idea. We met on Sunday, the very next day of his arrival, and I explained him the whole idea. He was very quick to grasp it, and the to my surprise, gave me very healthy insights about the concept. I was happy and I knew it that very moment, that I have done no mistake in calling him to Delhi.

We started to work on the idea on October 14th, 2012. The idea to channelize the education system. I have never written codes in web languages. +Navdeep Sharma  had some idea. But I had already done my homework and knew what platform I have to use along with the languages to be used, and learned few languages along with there advantages and disadvantages.

We knew what we were developing but then too there were many obstacles while we were developing. There are many incidents that happened, we had to take decisions many a times. We had no option, but to think of ways to develop the product faster and faster, day by day.

After all our moments, we decided to get live on Sunday, December 16th, 2012. Its cold and chilling. We went live at 1142 hours in the name of !

We are still putting in our efforts and learning each day.

I am still obsessed ! But dont know, what is it that I am obsessed of ! Its a state of confusion ! Talking very plain and simple, I never knew that I would be able to show my idea to the world.

Today is December, 18th, 2012, 08:59 hours ! and it is still visible to the world in the name of !!!

I have many questions in my head, almost all of these questions have the answer, but few dont have the answer. I am continuously putting in my efforts to find the answers to these. Hope I will get the answers !


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jargon Of Life !

"Humanity has the greatest asset of knowledge"

I strongly believe in this quote. Throughout my life, I have been realizing the importance of knowledge. Knowledge can be spread through "Education".

Education is spread and increased by imparting it to others and sharing it. I have always believed that every problem can be solved through education and its sharing. I live in India, which is believed to be one of the growing nations of the world ! Well, to me, my country has its own problem, and one such problem remains to be the need of revolutionizing the education system.

In such a fast paced world, we still stick to the old curriculum and age old way of delivering it. My country may boast of the maximum number of schools in the world, but the quality of education in this country may not be the best ! The quality of education is very much depended on the quality of teachers and the channelization of the teaching methodolgy.

Like all the other countries of the world, India also has "schools" which are the controlling body of the education and they are the location which anybody pursuits for education, when he/she is in his/her early stage of learning. When I say, "EARLY STAGE OF LEARNING", believe me, its not so early !!! We spent almost 12 years of our life going to school and completing grades that start from grade 1 to grade 12. Its a lot of time !

When somebody spends so much of time in school, then it is really very very important for the schools to be fast paced and very well versed with technology, which is not the case !!!! The schools stay aloof from technology and its highly depressing that students of grades 3 and grade 4 understand computing technology very well. Schools are not so technologically upgraded and they carry a fear of the unknown GHOST !

I also agree that a student is the future of the society and hence the country and thus the world ! Therefore it is very very important that not only the schools, but also the parents and the teachers and the surroundings of the student should be such that he/she can learn from every bit.

Thus keeping all the above factors in mind and many more thoughts which keep on invading me, I have started to develop something, which  shall improve the surroundings of the student.

I am on it ! I have already started and I am not going to stop or follow a laid back approach in its development ! My motive is to improve the channelization of the "PROCESS OF EDUCATION". I have started to call it a process and yes to me its a PROCESS !

I need my mind to work properly and give me all the strength so that I can think positive and gather all the pros and cons of the product which is in my head !!!!