Thursday, January 24, 2013

Jargon Of Life 21

"Why are we here ? "

Day before yesterday, I was reading a post on Google + from somebody ( I would not disclose the name ) and it was regarding his resolution. He took a resolution of not taking a resolution this year. He was simple in his words and wrote : "I go without resolution to fulfill my resolution". There was not a story, no picture or no cat ( cat seems to be most discussed over Google +, and I am not able to guess the reason behind it ), no video or no explanation. The post was plain and simple and straight to the point of taking no resolutions throughout this year.

I am pretty much moved by the post. Few days back it was new year and everyone seemed like taking resolutions for 2013. Few people don't take resolutions as they don't have the gut to live by them and go reach the extreme to get the contended feeling of accomplishment of at least something ( if not big enough ). Few people take resolution, because of peer pressure and these people are found making same resolutions every year ! Rest are found struggling their way with life to get the dreams done.

It is January 24, 2013, 1635 hours IST and I resolute to get the answer to the question : "why are we here ?".