Sunday, February 3, 2013

Jargon Of Life 22

"Life is ... Life."

Few days back, I heard my friend saying "life is a struggle !". he gave many reasons supporting his thought and he did to a certain extent, convinced everybody in the group ! Life is compared to many by many. But we fail to understand the real need and extent of comparison. Are we really trying to compare our "LIFE", with our own surroundings which is a boon of life ! Its just like comparing a bicycle with a Boeing airplane.

"Life is a gamble", "Life is a game", "Life is a race", "Life is a business", "Life is a journey", etc ... You can add as many comparisons as you want and make it as your own copyright. I don't really understand the comparison. do we just do it for the sake of glory or for the sake of motivation ? Whatever may be the reason of comparison, but to me its worthless.

Whatever little experience I have, I don't find any of the comparisons suiting the best when made against "LIFE". The comparison made by a person totally depends upon the background and the kind of experience he has had with "LIFE". We tend to forget, that we are trying to compare the reason behind everything with the consequences of the reason itself.

Its February 04, 2013, 1321 hours and "Life is incomparable".