Monday, February 4, 2013

Jargon Of Life 23

"A question ?"

"Which subject do you want to opt in school for further studies ?", "Which color shirt do you want to buy for the festival ?", "What job do you want to do ?", "Are you satisfied by the job ?", "Who cares for you ?", "Do you really want this ?" and tons of other such simple and time wasting questions come to my head every now and then. I rarely get the answer to any, but the harder I try to dig into a question, harder is it for me to come close to a answer. I have realized that it is very important for me to ask these stupid and wasteful questions from myself.

These question seem to be simple but they carry a greater value with them. Generally they tend to question the scenario and check the courage and wisdom, I am into. They help me a lot in making decisions. Small questions like these, help me ask myself one big question and that big question is "WHY ARE YOU HERE ?" I might not get the direct answer to many of these questions, but they bring me to a point, when I am more confident and have a path to wander on. Seriously, I waste a lot of time, finding answers to just any question. weird questions, but important answers !

Its February, 05, 2013, 1232 hours and I am trying to find the answer to "Why are you so lazy ?"