Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jargon Of Life 24

"What went wrong ?"

I am sitting in my room and thinking about the past ! Yes exactly, I am thinking about "the past". I have heard it quite often that we must not think about the past or regret about it. But on the contrary, it has been said that we must learn from the mistakes of past. how can these be true at the same time ? Do you keep the experiences alive for many days, so that you can count on them after ? How do you learn from your experiences, when you don't have the capability of going in the past and recalculating your faults ?

I am not regretting over my past. I am super surprised over my foolishness ! Or am I being stupid right now ? I am asking a question to myself. I don't have a answer. Its rightly said that, some questions are better unanswered ! Its true that something went wrong, but what exactly went wrong ? I don't know ! I am not frustrated about my confused state, because I know that its all my fault.

One must be ready to look into the past and accept the mistakes that he / she committed and this makes a better person out of us. When you are trying to find a answer and you are not able to get it, then look back and analyze. There is definitely something which were not true about and all went wrong and the way you really did not wanted. Its true that we learn from experiences. But what if the experience was once in a life time and you failed in it. You committed the gravest mistake of your life, during the once in a lifetime experience. Now what will you do ? Of course, you cannot let it go. you can never let it go. If you are letting it go, then let me tell you that it was once in a lifetime experience and you cannot revert the experience back. The bottom line is that you cannot bring back the time which is gone. And as I said that it was once in a lifetime, then it does mean that it will never happen to you again, do whatsoever.

In this case, you can do nothing by looking in the past and trying to calculate the damage done by mistake you committed. But then too, you will be forced by the mother nature to look back and put your head into it.

Its February 07, 2013, 1554 hours and I decide to commit the biggest mistake of my life, so that it may take over the mistake I committed during the once in a lifetime experience.