Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jargon Of Life 19

"Learn from mistakes, not necessarily yours.".

History has always proved itself the best of teachers. We are social elements and we always learn the best from our own mistakes. But to me, its always surprising ! I never learn form my experiences. I rather want to commit the mistake again and check again for a chance of overcoming the failure. Its very much probable that I follow the same procedure and follow the same path or may be some addition. But I am not totally dependent on the failure that occurred last with me. I am very much prone of committing mistakes, my way!

I have often heard people saying "It happened to him , so you will also face the same", "He has faced it and you will also do the same" and many other judgmental statements. I don't agree to these kind of statements at all, but want to jump into the pool of troubles. Its not like creates troubles for myself, but many a times you know what is going to happen and you can easily see the hard time coming for you.

On the contrary, I might not jump to doing things just because the person whom I believe, failed following that step. See, its all faith. If I believe a person, then the mistakes done by him might not be committed by me. But if you know that a person is not your standards, then you want to commit your own mistakes or create troubles for yourself, your own way.

Its January 19, 2013 1532 hours and I learn from the mistakes committed by others.