Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jargon Of Life 18

"Is contentment is the key to success ?"

Many top shots (eg :- Bill Gates) present on this planet seem like very contended in what they have and what they do. But, to me contentment is a fish which I cannot fish ! Seriously ! I don't yet understand what is contentment. Is it the feeling where you stop trying for anything bigger than what you have achieved ? Or is it the thought of laziness ?

Contentment can also be thought of as a feeling where you are happy to achieve something and you are targeting for bigger goals. But this is not contentment, its a kind of futuristic approach. Where is the person contented ? Might be you have to carry two feelings at the same time, where you have to be contended for what you have achieved and equally futuristic to achieve the next target.

To me, its very hard. I become very lazy when I am contended. It seems funny, but it is how it is ! I relax and then I want to relax a bit more and then a little more and then for some more time and then it becomes a long never ending process of laziness. Iy does not mean that I am contended over something, its just that I was relaxed (yes you can call it as a kind of contentment) over something and then it grew up to a never ending chain of processes, which involves sleeping, eating, sleeping again and then eating again.

Its really great to see top shots of this world maintaining their vigor to work for more along with their contentment and they don't let laziness creep in their routines. May be that's why they are so very big, as they can handle a lot at the same time. May be that's why success comes to such people (who are worthy enough to carry for a long time).

Its January 19, 2013, 1443 hours and I am not contended.

GOD BLESS  . . .