Sunday, December 30, 2012

Jargon Of Life 14

Hello World,

"Mistakes are done often, and rarely improvised, makes the situation worst".

Its winters and the most chilliest days of the year have started to show there true colors. No sunshine, dark and foggy mornings and fire smokes on the road sides are the signs of winters catching the city. Not many could be found on streets or markets after 2000 hours. People are found to be heavily covered, from toe to head ! Its India, so many poor people could be seen sweating their day for a meal or money. They are true warriors ! Most people prefer to be inside there houses and those who are outside in this chilly weather have a very strong reason to come outside !

I don't have any issues with the chilly temperature, but the biggest disadvantage it brings to me is the morning alarm. My workplace is three hours from my home. I have to reach the workplace by 0845 hours and I always struggle to get up in the morning. I always shut the alarm clock, so that it does not ring backs again. See, I am completely awake when I do that, but there is no will to get up and my laziness, overcomes my courage to rise up from my blanket. I always find myself in a very funny situation, running towards the metro station, trying to save 30 seconds, so that I can save a couple of minutes and who knows that I reach on time.

Since I have shifted to this new place, I do not find myself in comfortable situation during morning ! The strange part is that I do the same every morning. Every night I sleep, thinking that I will get up a bit early, to save myself from early morning running. But to my surprise, I am too very much comfortable in my blanket and try to be inside it for only a minute or two. And these couple of minutes cost me to get late by only two minutes everyday. I reach my workplace at 0847 hours and I regret my decision of getting inside the blanket every morning as soon as I rise up. It irritates me every morning, but now I am finding it very funny ! I don't know whether I will be able to reach my workplace on or before 0845 hours tomorrow.

Its December 30, 2012, 1931 hours and I will get up on time tomorrow.