Saturday, December 29, 2012

Jargon Of Life 13

"We waste what is most important to conserve, our energy"

I wanted to write a lot today, sat down many a times, but could not find the right state of mind to do so. Many thoughts were coming into my head. I wanted to write about many things, but was not able to gather myself. May be there is something which is disturbing me. Actually not many hours ago, today in the morning, a very pathetic news came to me.

An uncle of mine has mouth cancer and he is being shifted to Mumbai for the treatment. The girl who was gang raped my 6 men in the bus, died due to multiple organ failure. Both the incidents happened today. I will not comment on either of them. Both of above news have shocked me. I don't want to hear about them anymore. May be its due to these news, that I have so many thoughts, but can't express the flow of these thoughts.

I am numb. I don't want to express my feelings or thoughts over any of the above matters. I finally am deciding not to comment over the government or family members for few days. I decide not to be a part of any discussions, which are political in nature or lead to the politics and corruption of this country. I decide to be quiet for some time. I don't want to listen to anything for some time. I don't want to speak much for some time. I want to be numb for some time. I want to remain in the current state. I am enjoying it !

Its December, 29, 2012, 2359 hours and I am happy.