Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jargon Of Life 12

"We are humans, and we have evolved".

Human race is expected to live the longest and survive for the longest time. Before humans many living beings came on this planet, like Mammoths, Dinosaurs, Cockroaches and I don't know the list. There was a common feature amongst all. They call killed each other for food.

Humans learned this at an very early stage and they stopped killing each other. They started to survive on resources, other than humans ! According to many scientists, we have not lived for long. But we must live longer than any other living species (like Mammoths, Dinosaurs), because we don't kill each other out of hunger. Rather we kill each other out of hatred and enmity.

We are the most intelligent species that has come into existence. But, are we going to survive longer than any other species that were ever present ? We have started to hate each other, fight each other and are jealous of each other.

I agree that this hatred is not present everywhere, but I am talking the parts of the world, where people hate each other. They cannot bear the increasing standards of living  of their neighbors. My question is, when everybody present on this planet agrees that we must be social and work in collaboration for a better and secure world, then why do we ever need to fight.

Its December 28, 2012, 1259 hours and I cannot understand this behavior of people around me.