Thursday, December 27, 2012

Jargon Of Life 11

"Time is a tool".

I have been given very few time on Earth. I want to utilize this time. I don't want to regret the loss of time. Time is something, I don't have and I am losing it, even when I am writing this blog post. I don't know, who invented time. But whomsoever did it, was the greatest inventor of all times.

With time, we can put all the beings on a common platform and judge the performance, relative to each other. Time gives us the motivation to live more, time brings discipline in our life. Time is a common calculator, used by all present on this planet. I think that God also, uses Time to measure the person when he reaches Heaven ! Time is important to everybody present around me. Its surprising how time flies by !

We are mortals, that means, for us, Time is limited for all of us. The biggest irony with us is that we don't know the exact time left with us. We can only guess the time left with us. So, I always believe in my gut. I ask myself for the time left with me and the answer which I get is just surprising. I shall not disclose the answer here, as I don't get the same answer all the time, and you guys may think me to be stupid and foolish !

Since childhood, I have always heard many stories and speeches over the importance of time. I never understood the reason and necessity of telling me the importance of time by my elders. But now, I do understand the reason and the necessity. When I look ahead in my life, I find "THERE IS NO TIME LEFT". Every work has to be accurate and I have to be efficient to mach myself with the running time.

Its December 27, 2012, 1542 hours and I don't know how to gain time. Ideas and suggestions on gaining time (not saving time) are most welcome.