Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Jargon Of Life 10

"Is it really the survival of the fittest ?"

Since childhood I have heard the line "Survival of the fittest" many a times. It can still be found on many TV shows, advertisements, social networking websites and many more. I can still find many of my freinds saying "Survival of the fittest", one or the other time. And to my survive, even I say it as a bragging line to many, without even noticing !

When given a more decent thought, it turns out to be a more sensible line. If understood correctly this one line might lead humanity to work all for its own good and turn the world into a race track, where everybody is trying to win over the other.

Hats off to the inventor of this one liner ! He might have fought a lot and won over many to say this. Referring men from history, we can find many examples, where in they gave away all that was with them, to survive. The world has witnessed many examples within humanity, when all all the people, only the brave survived. Not to forget The Alexander. He won battles which were impossible to win. He leaped mountains and oceans, which were never been crossed before.

Actually this one liner, makes more sense, when referred to the battle field, jungle or the place where everybody is trying to kill each other. But to the contrary, we are civilians and we don't intend for this kind of behavior. We are peace loving mammals !

Its December, 26th, 2012, 1215 hours and I agree that its the survival of the fittest, and I am on a battle ground !