Monday, December 24, 2012

Jargon Of Life 9

"Festivals remind us of the presence of God".

I am not an atheist, neither I pray too much. I don't go to God for the good or bad happening to me. Neither I celebrate with God, nor I regret in front of God. Still many incidents in my life have led me to remember the supreme power which beholds everything. The dictionary meaning of an Atheist is "a person who disagrees or disbelieves the supreme power or powers". You may call me an Atheist, because you might never find me praying or remembering God, but certainly I do believe in the supreme power. I have no logic to defend myself.

Almost all the festivals of the world, carry a message of either a victory of good over evil, or the birth of the holy spirit. All these festivals do make me realize that there must have been something that led the people of those times to declare the moment to be holy enough and to celebrate it as a festival. We might be too extreme to celebrate the festival's moment of joy. But all is supposed to be good when it is the name of holy. I will not comment much over here, as I am nobody to do so.

Christmas or X-mas marks the birth of the Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the savior of the mankind and is the son of God, who came to Earth to take away all the evil from this planet. Even humanity could not accept the good he was doing to us and they killed him physically. However his soul remained on Earth and I can feel his presence. Yes, I can feel his presence. I cannot explain how but yes, he walks with me, guides me, directs me, saves me, blesses me, talks to me, laughs with me, explains me and he is present with me all the times.

Its December 25th, 2012, 0913 hours and I am highly obliged to have Jesus Christ with me in all my actions. Thank you Jesus for being with me and tolerating me for so long. I know that I am not perfect, but I promise you that I will try harder to become one. With the will of having Jesus in your life too, I wish you all a merry Christmas.