Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Jargon Of Life 15

Happy new year 2013.

"Time flies by very quickly, hence when are you filing up your to do list for this year ?"

We enter into this new year with new hopes and dreams. We all know that its time to work even harder. A new year is not only the advent of  another calendar date, but many hopes and dreams are linked to it. A new year is welcomed with many celebrations. Many make resolutions this year. Many make decisions. All celebrate and welcome this year.

2012 is gone, and we paid a tribute to it buy living it large on its last day. Its quite interesting to see people enjoying to the core, and welcoming 2013. I don't know whether all the resolutions of these many were fulfilled ? Were they able to make it the way they wanted ? If yes, then it is hats off to them. They must rejoice and are liberated to live this day, as they are the ones who will set new goals and resolutions for themselves and thus the society will benefit from them. But the people who were not able to achieve the target within the set period of time, should not be the part of the gala event (According to me).

Well, this new year brings in a lot of hope within me. I have not done anything great till now, but with Edhoot, I am trying to make the world understand its concept and the future it beholds within itself. I am enjoying the first day of the year and am all set to work harder with Edhoot.

Its January, 1st, 2013, 2255 hours and its almost the end of the first day of 2013, and I don't have my resolutions set. Its so embarrassing !