Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jargon Of Life 16

"We all are responsible for the world we create."

Its been said by many, that we take birth in form of human only once. When we all know that, then why do we waste our life in hatred and negativity ? We all are responsible for the kind of world around us. This planet remains neutral to us. We are the ones who must be held responsible for all the good and the evil. We form our own society. When we are busy cursing the crowd, we must remember that we ourselves are the part of the crowd.

With good wishes to all, I ask you all to get in action for a better life everyday. We have to work together, and thus we must work in collaboration. We are social animals and we cannot exist as "I", we have to be present as "WE".

Let us avoid negative, arrogant and noisy people
Let us unite, positive, modest and wise people
Let us help as much as we can all those in need
May there be freedom for men, women, children and animals
May there be a fair share of knowledge and welfare
May we respect all those who are different from us
May we all refuse to send our children to silly wars
May we quietly, non-violently and wisely act
May we open our hearts, spread and be guided by love
May we succeed to keep our dignity in all circumstances
May we stop producing stuff that affects our health
May we learn how to cure diseases and relieve the pain
May we demand and elect governments based on this values

Its January 03, 2013, 1232 hours and I take the responsibility of spreading the good word on this planet.