Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jargon Of Life 6

"Faith is the only friend of humanity."

Its our faith on God, on another human, on yourself , on a product or on a idea which is keeping us alive and moving. However cruel a person may become, he always have faith on something or the other. Its very crucial to have faith in something.

I think that nobody can exist on this planet without faith. It does not matter, on what you have faith. You can have faith on God, on your parents, on your friend, on your computer, on your bed, on your footwear or may be on the pen you carry. It does not depend on what you have faith, but its important to have one. Without faith we shall become zombies. Faith helps us to improve our life and our surroundings. Faith is the starting point of every relation or a bond.

People of the country are bounded by faith on each other, faith on the government, faith on other countries and faith on other civilizations. It has been witnessed by history, that whenever people lost faith over each other, situation became chaotic and worst. Very few examples, for which I don't have to refer any wiki are the World Wars. It was the time when people lost faith on each other. I am glad that I was not present during the world wars ! I pray for all the souls who suffered.

We can expect a better world, if we can build more faith on each other. We can dream of a better future with faith in all that we do. We can improve our life, with faith in what we do. If we have faith, we are bound to do it right and work hard for it.

Its December, 22, 2012, 1500 hours and I have faith on the current moment, hence I gather strength and courage in me for doing everything correct at this moment.