Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jargon Of Life 5

"Time is very important, and so is life. It is very important to manage life with time, or time with life."

Nobody can win over time, but of course, we can move with time, to be in pace with the world. It always amazes me as to how, we are moving ahead, every moment. The smallest standard unit of time is second, and if we calculate, we have moved ahead. We are continuously in motion every second. Time flies by and so do lives.

Some achieve great milestones during the time of there life, while others don't. Time remains constant. The only constant thing that always changes. It is amazing to see people of almost every culture and land, keeping the track of time.

I always think that running with time is very hard. Of course you cannot win over time, but running with it, also becomes quite impossible sometimes.

People who are able to run with time for a longer duration, achieve more in there life. The ones who are not able to take time into account, lose the race of life and may be referred to as losers by there peers.

It is not important, whether you were a loser in the past or not. Time is very generous. Whenever you start taking time into account, you actually start defeating many people per second. Then comes a time in you life, when you have defeated almost all the people in the world and you are called a winner of life.

So, if time is so very immportant, why is it that we become lazy and start to lose time. Might be I am too lazy to even think about that. It is December 21, 2012, 13:20 hours and I am trying hard to cope up wioth time. Hope others are able to run with time, so that we can expect of a better future.