Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Jargon Of Life 4

Destiny is not defined, and if it is not defined, then why not give it our own definition !

We always try hard to complete an uncompleted task, we try even harder to accomplish something, we try the hardest to live the way we want. When our destiny is written, then why do we have to try. Many people crib about there destiny while others are found to boast of a great destiny. The people who are some point in time are boasting of there destiny, are the ones who crib on their destiny, sooner or later.

When it has been proved that hard work has no substitution, then why are we so dependent upon destiny ? Why do we blame or praise destiny ? Why don't we blame or praise ourselves ? I have not got an answer to these questions ?

It might be possible that destiny also plays an important role in our life. And even if it does, then is there a way to change it ? If it can be changed through hard work, then why not put in all our strength in the work that we are doing without considering destiny to be a factor of success or failure. If in case destiny can't be changed, then why to even try. Let it all go as the destiny has decided !

Well, the biggest problem is that we don't know what is in for us in the destiny, and that's why we try hard, harder or the hardest to give it a shot ! Because, when we work, we don't think about destiny. When something goes the way we want, we start praising ourselves and our efforts, but when the contrary happens, then we start blaming the destiny in some or the other way. Rather we should look into the cause of the failure and try to find the solution for it. We should seek for the reason of the failure and then try not to commit the same again.

Its December 19th, 2012, 2242 hours and I am still confused over my destiny. I think that destiny and hard work are two faces of the same coin. Either you praise your hard work or blame the destiny. But you cannot do both at the same time. Without giving it a thought more, I decide to put all my efforts towards learning new things. I will try hard to complete the incomplete tasks, try harder to accomplish what is in my head and try the hardest to live.

Edhoot has given me a new parameter of thinking and I am happy to meet the new challenges. I am all determined to face the challenges and find the appropriate solution for them.