Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jargon Of Life 3

I have always believed that nothing is impossible, and I want to live the whole life with this belief !

I am putting in efforts towards the development of Edhoot in many ways. I have tons of ideas in my head. Implementing them is not that difficult, but it seems to be like a race with time. I am enjoying my life. I have no regrets, rather I am learning many things. Not only the technical part but also the worldly affairs.

I have always believed that there is always a scope of learning in your life. One can always learn. Learn anything, and one day you will find yourself to be amongst the very few, who have quite some knowledge about everything. These people are dangerous to interact with. They have harder expectations from the world than the common man. They expect the world to respond the way they do.

I am really blessed to be born with all the human capabilities, and all seem to be working  fine as of now. While my journey back home, I saw a girl on a wheel-chair. It was a electronic wheel-chair. I think that she had some physical disability, because nobody would like to travel in an overcrowded metro rail on a electronic wheel-chair. She had her headphones, and might be she was listening to songs ! I was standing a couple of meters away from her in the metro rail. She was brave enough to take a ride in the metro in the most busiest hours of the day.

When I say "overcrowded", I believe that, we "Indians", have a different definition of over-crowded. I live on the densest populated country of the world and am very well aware of the term "over-crowded". Believe me, you would not like to be a part of that crowd. Unknowingly, people push you, scratch you, rest there hands on your shoulders, stick to you, sneeze on your face ,talk directly in your ear and you cannot blame them, because there is no space to move a limb. It means that if your mobile kept in your trousers pocket, is ringing during such a crowded metro rail journey, you wont be able to answer it, because you wont be able to reach your mobile, which is kept in the pocket of your trousers ! Its very crowded !

Despite of such rush and crowd, she was confidently traveling on a wheel-chair, taking a metro ride. Its really surprising to me that there are so many brave people present on this planet. We need to have our eyes open and we can certainly find many such people. She has motivated me a lot. She has motivated me to work even harder. She has motivated me to think simpler. She has made me belief "Nothing is impossible". I am over whelmed by the courage of that disabled girl. Traveling through metro rail during the busiest hours is like going on a war to me. I think that I need to change my mindset and take it simpler.

Today is December 19, 2012, 1015 hours and I am all set for the new day. I am planning more towards the betterment of the Edhoot.