Saturday, December 22, 2012

Jargon Of Life 7

Do we need to save the best for the best ?

Whenever I ask myself about the best, I always get confused. I don't know what is "best"! Have I already witnessed the best, or is it yet to come ? Is the current moment the best moment ? Or am I running for searching the best time of my life ?

If I have already witnessed the best time, then I never felt anything best about that moment. If I have not witnessed it yet, then how will I come to know that I am running with the best of times. How does it feel to be in the best of times. What to do to get the best of times ? Do I need to work harder for it? I think that we always have the scope of witnessing the best of times. Even if somebody has already gone through the best of his times, then it should become better and he should work for witnessing even better. Hence, like this he always witness the best of times !

And what if the current moment is the best moment ? The best moment should be the current moment, and one should always try harder for the better times than the current best time. We tend to waste a lot of time thinking about the future, but tend to waste today's time, which is of course the best time. We are too lazy to take a step today and are always ready to taste the sweetness of success. When you acheive the best of times after a lot of hard work, then you really don't feel overjoyed, rather you fell contended, because you knew that, the best of time, which you are actually witnessing right now was ought to come to you. And you knew it, because you were working exceptionally hard. There are many who try hard to get the best time of their life. You have to work exceptionally hard to get your best of times.

It is December 23, 2012, 1141 hours and I am still confused in my head thinking and planning for the best. But I will stop thinking about the best, and continue to seed my work for a better future.