Thursday, May 16, 2013

You are Rude !

I am in middle of living. I am doing things, which I have not done ever before. And to my surprise, the world is also coming back to me the way, it has never before. I am doing no great stuff ! Just trying to implement an idea and show it to the world.

I have been told by Navdeep that I am "rude by default". And to my surprise ! he might be very true. He was very plain and simple when he told this to me over a skype chat message. I respect him a lot and regards to him that he told me this. He mentioned it very clearly, that I have never been rude to him, but to others. I don't know, whom he is talking about. I don't know the context of the message he gave. He also asked me to relax and calm down. Again, why is he asking me to calm down ? I have no clue, why suddenly he said that.

All I can make out is, that he might have got this message from somebody else. If you are the person who said that "I am RUDE" to Navdeep, then read below. If you are not the one, then the lines below are not meant for you.

To all those, to whom I have been rude :

If you think that I am rude, then yes, I am rude. I am sounding rude to you because you have created a dreamland around yourself and you think that everybody whom you talk to should respect you even when you are not worth it. There should be metal in you to get some respect. Get real  and gain respect. Don't beg for it. If you think that you have done many great things in life, then see others, who have done better than you. You are a looser. And yes, I can say it very loudly. YOU ARE A LOOSER ! First do something, that people talk to you with respect. Don' show the number of friends on Facebook and then call for respect.

If you are not worthy of anything, then people will not talk to you, not even look at you. You shall be a complete invisible element on this planet and that is what you are worth of. You are not great, not even trying to do things that make you great. And then you beg for respect and when you don't get it from a person, whom you should not be talking to, you say that he is RUDE ! You are one of the blessed creatures, on this planet who is not taken away by God, for being so disgraceful to humanity, and to me. So shameful of your act, that you can't even say it on my face. Say it on my face that I am rude. If you have anything left within yourself, and if you have some self-respect left, then beg God for the mistake you have committed.

Stop taking the world for granted and get to reality. People are of kind they should be, not the way you want them to be. If everybody, becomes like  you then this planet will become a trash and you again shall be the first one to complain it back, to the person you talk to ! Hence, stop saying that I am rude, and look at the grounds on which you said it. You might be rude yourself to even think about it.

I wish good for you, and hope that God continues to show his mercy on you, so that you don't get more people like me to talk. People who dare to show you the reality of your life. WORTHLESS !