Sunday, September 22, 2013

Personifying Life

Time, is what we live by. Ever thought, why do we count our life with time ? Why not count our life by the experiences we had ? Why not count our life with the friends we have ? Why not count our life with our achievements or failures ? Why not state the pleasures in our life as a unit of our life ? Why do we count our life with years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds ? Ever imagined ?

I have realized that with every passing second, I am growing older, and the amount of life I am living will not depend on the time I spent on this planet, but will depend on the way I did spend my each passing moment. My life will depend on the experiences I went through. But then too, I will count the number of years I did spend on earth as a parameter to measure life.

Hence there are two ways you can count life. Firstly is of course by the number of seconds you are alive. Second, the experiences in my life. Both of the units used for measuring my life are equally important. I may live 100 years, with zero experiences. I may live a moment more with a lot of experiences. In either cases, the calculation to express the amplitude of my life will have both the units involved.

We as human beings tend to balance both the units. We are unaware of numbers which we will be able to gather for both the units before the end of our life's. Hence we try to gather good numbers for both the units !!! Greedy Human Beings !!!

I think that there is a very big difference between "LONG LIFE" and "GOOD LIFE". Neither do they mean the same, nor are they interdependent. Hence when somebody wishes you "Have a good life", he may not be wishing a "Long Life" for you. Similarly, the wishes of "Long life", does not imply the wishes to have a "Good Life". Play tactfully. All you can do is get "Good life" wishes from one person, while try and get "Long Life" wishes from another.

Don't you worry, whatever you get as a wish, it will be in your favor, as you increase at least one of the units of counting your life. You can always be good to everybody and get more wishes. Having said that, I will always ask everybody to do what you like, irrespective of the forth comings. you can always collect much more experiences, and you increase at least one unit count.

I do not want to scare anybody with my statement, but yes, we have a short life both in respect of time and the experiences. Lets try and get gather both, TIME and EXPERIENCES.

Lets Rise !
Learn - Innovate - Inspire
God Bless...