Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jargon Of Life !

"Humanity has the greatest asset of knowledge"

I strongly believe in this quote. Throughout my life, I have been realizing the importance of knowledge. Knowledge can be spread through "Education".

Education is spread and increased by imparting it to others and sharing it. I have always believed that every problem can be solved through education and its sharing. I live in India, which is believed to be one of the growing nations of the world ! Well, to me, my country has its own problem, and one such problem remains to be the need of revolutionizing the education system.

In such a fast paced world, we still stick to the old curriculum and age old way of delivering it. My country may boast of the maximum number of schools in the world, but the quality of education in this country may not be the best ! The quality of education is very much depended on the quality of teachers and the channelization of the teaching methodolgy.

Like all the other countries of the world, India also has "schools" which are the controlling body of the education and they are the location which anybody pursuits for education, when he/she is in his/her early stage of learning. When I say, "EARLY STAGE OF LEARNING", believe me, its not so early !!! We spent almost 12 years of our life going to school and completing grades that start from grade 1 to grade 12. Its a lot of time !

When somebody spends so much of time in school, then it is really very very important for the schools to be fast paced and very well versed with technology, which is not the case !!!! The schools stay aloof from technology and its highly depressing that students of grades 3 and grade 4 understand computing technology very well. Schools are not so technologically upgraded and they carry a fear of the unknown GHOST !

I also agree that a student is the future of the society and hence the country and thus the world ! Therefore it is very very important that not only the schools, but also the parents and the teachers and the surroundings of the student should be such that he/she can learn from every bit.

Thus keeping all the above factors in mind and many more thoughts which keep on invading me, I have started to develop something, which  shall improve the surroundings of the student.

I am on it ! I have already started and I am not going to stop or follow a laid back approach in its development ! My motive is to improve the channelization of the "PROCESS OF EDUCATION". I have started to call it a process and yes to me its a PROCESS !

I need my mind to work properly and give me all the strength so that I can think positive and gather all the pros and cons of the product which is in my head !!!!